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George's Valley runs north-east from the Iron Crown (highest point in Limpopo Province) and Ebenezer Dam to the Tzaneen Dam. The Valley lies between the mountain ridges which form the foothills of the Drakensberg range which extends down the eastern coast of South Africa.


The valley is named after George Denys who designed the road (R528) that runs the length between Haenertsburg and Tzaneen. He was convinced he could design a better road to Tzaneen than the Magoesbaskloof Pass. Georges Valley Road is an equally scenic drive. 


The valley consists of considerable portions of Pine and Eucalyptus (Bluegum) plantation.  Farming development in the valley is moving away from timber and forestry to avocado, tree nuts and fruit produce.


Peter McGaffin and John Evans


The  George's Valley Community is a prime example of "Ubunthu" - making a better place for everyone'.


The picturesque valley, situated on the R528 between Haenertsburg and Tzaneen is well known for its beauty and friendly inhabitants.

Georges Valley Association was formed in 1996 by Peter McGaffin and John Evans, with the main aim being security. 
A dedicated group are well trained and equipped to handle any potential danger that might threaten the valley.  

All members are in contact with one another with a very informal radio network, consisting in the region of 90 radio's.  

This network has spread to Agatha, Haenertsburg, Magoebaskloof and the rescue services in Tzaneen.

The residents of the valley are well known for their help and support to locals and tourists alike, as

heavy vehicles and visitors often underestimate the sharp turns and thus end up somewhere in a crevice.  

Next time you are in George’s Valley, stop and enjoy the beauty of the area. 

All visitors, passers-by and tourists are most welcome.

For more information about Georges Valley and the surrounding area and maps showing detail 

Georges Valley and Surrounds